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What are Sunbucks℠?

SunBucks℠ are a quick, easy and affordable way for anyone to own a generating system powered by the sun.  Being an owner of SunBucks℠ means that you get to enjoy the substantial financial benefits without the headaches of putting a system on your roof.  With SunBucks℠, the maintenance, operation and back-office work associated with monetizing all of the solar system's output is handled by professionals with deep experience and you are provided a generous return on your investment.  Moreover, if you want to recover your principal, you can simply sell your SunBucks℠ to someone else.

In this regard, being the owner of a SunBuck℠ is a little like owning a timeshare property.  With an investment in a timeshare, you own a little piece of a seaside villa and have the right to stay in that villa for a small portion of the year.  If you get tired of that resort, or simply have other needs for the invested funds, you may sell your interest and rights to someone else.  SunBucks℠ does the same thing for solar powered generating systems.

To learn about the SunBucks℠ concept, please view this presentation: SunBucks℠ Conceptual Presentation

A detailed financial model showing assumptions, performance and returns for a 30-year period can be accessed through this link: SunBucks℠ Financial Model

A 3-page Executive Summary of the SunBucks℠ Business Concept and Start-up Plan can be found through this link: SunBucks℠ Business Concept Summary

Finally, tables calculating potential returns based on a variety of scenarios such as differing per kilowatt-hour prices, REC values, and system output are presented here: SunBucks℠ Profiled Returns Tables

How Can I Help Make SunBucks℠ a Reality?

SunBucks℠ are not available yet.  But you can help bring the SunBucks℠ idea to life.  Please review the materials on this site and then register your interest in SunBucks℠ using this form:  SunBucks℠ Expression of Interest

Also, please tell your friends, family and colleagues about this idea and opportunity and have them create an account and express their interest in the SunBucks℠ idea.  Let's start a groundswell of support!  With more and more people getting involved, SunBucks℠ will become real and available and the transition to a clean energy economy will be un-stoppable!

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